5 Creative Meeting Ideas for the Fall: Older Girl Edition


Who doesn’t love fall? The air is cool and crisp, the company is warm, and the South Carolina country side is exploding with gorgeous color. With the Girl Scout year in full swing, it’s the perfect time to keep your girls excited by spicing things up! Keep reading to discover 7 creative meeting ideas that will leave your girls excited and ready for more!

1.Arm Knit Gorgeous Fall Scarvesarm knit


Pull on a pair of boots, button up your flannel, and slip on your scarf for the perfect fall outfit. We all know that scarves are to fall what sandals are to summer. Now, I know what your thinking- this sounds like a Pinterest disaster waiting to happen. Not so fast:

  • Arm knitting is based on a basic and repeated pattern
  • Doesn’t require knitting needles at all
  • Once you get the pattern down, most scarves can be completed in less than 30 minutes!  
  • The only supplies you will need are yarn and creativity!
  • Service project tie-in: Winter can be a devastating time to the homeless. Consider knitting these super easy scarves for those in need!

Get your girls excited by teaching them how to create their own scarves! Or better yet- have one of the girls learn and teach it to the rest of the troop.

Watch the tutorial to learn more!

2.Apple Cider and Acrylicshappy fall yall

Treat your entire troop to a paint and sip (apple cider, of course) class during a meeting!

  • Have your girls vote on a relatively simple painting to all do together
  • Print a copy of the agreed picture for each girl
  • You only have to use around 5 colors!
  • Service project tie-in: Take the class to a local nursing home, and let the girls teach seniors how to paint the picture.  The girls will get the opportunity to lead, and the residents will enjoy some much needed affection.


  • Acrylic paint
  • Basic paint brushes
  • Small canvas
  • Paper towels and water

Although the entire troop looks at the same picture, they all see it differently. Each girl goes home with an entirely unique painting that celebrates our differences.

3.Fun Run (or walk)5k

The moderate temperatures of the fall make it the perfect season to get outdoors. Whether you run, jog, or walk, participating in a Fun Run (or walk) will teach girls how to set a goal, work as a team, and the value of hard work and dedication.

  • Have your troop research Fun Runs in your area (There is at least one almost every weekend in the fall.)
  • Once your troop agrees on a 5k, make a training plan
    • Is the troop going to run, jog, or walk? What time does the group want to finish in?
  • Have girls train on their own, and dedicate a portion of your meeting to training as a group
  • Make sure to celebrate together after the run is finished!
  • Service project tie-in: CORRECTION:Many Fun Runs are devoted to a good cause. Participate in a Fun Run that helps someone else, or even volunteer. However, keep in mind- we can only raises funds for Girl Scouts!

Check out this list of Fun Runs in South Carolina!

4.College Visits

dorm room

The thought of leaving old friends and going away to college can be intimidating for middle and high school girls. They are excited for the future, but trepid of the unknown. Help ease them into transition, and build their confidence by visiting colleges as a troop.

  • Have the girls research local colleges based on what they are interested in
  • Once they have decided where they would like to visit, have the girls call the admissions office to schedule a tour
  • Make a day of it!
  • After the tour, have the girls evaluate the key areas of the college:
    • Campus
    • Programs
    • Size
    • Location
  • Service project tie-in: Have the girls gather scholarship information from each college they visit and donate it to a local Boys and Girls Club or their school.


 5.Girl Scout Book Club


Do your girls love to read? Enhance your meetings by forming a Girl Scout Book Club!

  • Have the group research books, and decide on what to read
  • Have the girls plan how many pages should be read between meetings
  • Create a rotation, where a different girl leads the discussion each time
  • Once you are finished with the book, have a party themed around your latest read
  • Service project tie-in: Once you are finished with your books, donate them to your local library or school!


Did you try some of our creative troop meeting ideas for older girls? Do you have ideas? Let us know what you think by emailing me at mtaylor@gssc-mm.org! Watch our GSSC-MM blog for the younger girl edition!


Give your girls life-changing leadership experiences with a worldwide sisterhood of support! Become a Girl Scout today!

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