The Bonds of Love: A Tribute to Mothers


Can you think of a woman who has poured encouragement, understanding, and love into your life? Maybe in this very moment, you can rattle off a long list of the women who have mentored, loved, and shaped you into the person you are today.

Motherhood isn’t always perfectly pressed or neatly folded, rather, motherhood is more  often messy and loud. It is a daily practice of patience, perseverance, and most importantly love. And it is this very love that makes one a mother, not just the bond of blood, but the ties of the heart. Mother's day quote 1It is this literal labor of love that drives you to reach for more for your daughter. It is love that compels you to take her entire troop camping even though you aren’t an “outdoor person”, because you know she deserves that leadership opportunity. It is this undying affection that causes you to drive her across town after a long day at work to step up and lead at her troop meeting.

“I know my mom doesn’t like camping, but she tries not to show it. She takes us anyway, and she teaches me not to be afraid. I want to be like that.” -Bailey, Columbia 1152 in 2013 tbt.jpg

Everyday you put in the work to prepare her to empower herself. You refuse to sit on the sidelines because you know her world is a better place with you in it. I recently had the opportunity to speak with a volunteer who leads a troop, though she has no daughters of her own in Girl Scouts- and she has done so for the past 6 years. This volunteer shared that she didn’t have an involved mother growing up, and she didn’t have a long list of strong and loving women from her childhood. So when she grew into an adult, she vowed that she would be the difference for young girls. Her name would be on their list of role models and mentors. This volunteer asked to remain anonymous, but her selfless love is part of what makes Motherhood so special.

So to all the mothers and mother-figures out there who press on through the challenges- we admire you. To the women who give love and encouragement- we commend you. To the moms who give the gift of Girl Scouts to your girls- we thank you.

From all of us at Girl Scouts of South Carolina- Mountains to Midlands, Happy Mother’s Day.