Why Girl Scouts LOVE to sell Cookies: An Inside Look

If you haven’t heard, Girl Scout Cookie season is officially upon us and pre-orders have begun. Girls in sashes and vests are knocking on doors, passing out order forms, and pitching the yummy-goodness of Girl Scout Cookies to anyone who will listen. We all ask when the cookies will get here, but do you every wonder WHY Girl Scouts sell cookies? Even more, do you wonder why they seem to LOVE selling the irresistible treats? Let’s take a look:

Girls get to run Their own Business

Did you ever run a lemonade stand when you were younger? You probably spent all night juicing lemons, adding sugar, and rehearsing your pitch. Whether it was lemonade or not, most of us have experienced the joy of making our first sell. Yeah, we may have only made a quarter off that glass of lemonade, but boy did it feel good. tx_marcomm14_304150

Girl Scouts learn everyday leadership, and they crave the opportunity to use their skills. Girls set goals for their cookie sales, they man cookie booths, they courageously pitch their product, make change, and make plans for their earnings.

When you see a Girl Scout out selling cookies, you are really looking at a #CookieBoss.

Cookies Fund Travel

Do you ever wonder why your neighborhood Girl Scout is so relentless and fearless in her pursuit of selling cookies? The most likely reason is that her cookie earnings are going to fund any number of activities or trips. That’s right- 100% of the profits stay local between the council and the troops.

Troop 1445 at Beach

Troop 1445 used their cookie earnings to travel to Tybee Island, GA together



The girl you buy those Thin Mints from may use her cookie money for anything from a trip to Carowinds, Myrtle Beach, New York, or perhaps on an international adventure abroad.

A Little Friendly Competition

Just because you are working on a team doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy a little friendly competition. A Girl Scout troop is the perfect environment to take the risks necessary to succeed. Girls often grow up with their troop, and their bonds are like that of sisters- competitive nature included.

Girl Scouts value the benefit of competition, but they also understand hotx_marcomm14_206121w to be happy for others, be a good sport, and work on a team. Girls cheer each other on as they work towards their goals, and strive to do their very best. And when one girl succeeds, everyone wins.

Cookies Power Service Projects

Sometimes service projects require more than just time. Girls will often use their cookie earnings to fund their Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards (awards earned by Girl Scouts for intensive community service projects) and buy supplies for take-action projects. Our girls have used cookies earnings to purchase blankets for the homeless, build a helicopter pad for an outlying area, buy books for children’s hospitals, and so much more.


A Girl Scout building benches for a local park


At Girl Scouts, we don’t believe leadership can be defined as merely holding a position of authority. True leadership isn’t selfish or pretentious. A true leader lifts others up, and continually gives back to their community. That’s what we are teaching our girls. Every Girl Scout is a Go-getter, Risk-taker, Innovator, and Leader.

Cookies Send Girls to Camp

For many Girl Scouts, camp is made possible for them by cookies. While camp is traditionally thought of as tents, hiking, and canoeing, we offer an array of unique and specialty camps. Do you have a girl who wants to learn more about science or math? We have STEM camps for that! Is your girl interested in space and engineering? We have camps for that too! Does she absolutely love horses? You guessed it! We have camps for that too!


Girls mapping out the periodic table at a STEM camp


When you buy a box of your favorite cookies, you are helping a girl have the summer of her dreams!


Cookies are so much more than a time-honored tradition for so many girls. They don’t love selling cookies because the treats are just so yummy, but because selling cookies powers once-in-a-lifetime experiences for them.

Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!