A Bridging Tradition: A Guest Post by Kelly Stover

One of my favorite traditions that we have in my troop is our Bridging/Rededication Ceremony that we have at our first meeting in the Fall.  On our first trip to Savannah when most of our troop were Brownies, they had a beautiful driftwood candle holder with one space for each of the ten parts of the Girl Scout law.  I loved the ceremony so much that one of our parents who is a cabinet maker made one for our troop.

We have used it for every one of our Bridging/Rededication Ceremony since that trip which has been for the last 10 years.  The ceremony is what connects us to Girl Scouts all across the country.  It bridges our future to our past.  The basic ceremony is the same where each part of the law is read as the corresponding candle is lit until all ten are glowing.  We have changed the beginning and end of the ceremony to add for each level as the bridge up. Silver keys are given to our Cadettes for the Silver Award.  Gold Keys are given to our Seniors as they bridge up for their Gold Award.  The Bridging section is for all girls Bridging to the next level, while Rededication is for the girls who are at the same level as they were last year.  All of the girls receive their year pin and if they Bridge up a certificate, bridge patch and key necklace for their new level. 

We made a wooden bridge that has 10 sections, one for each part of the law.  Each girl walks across the bridge to receive her bridging packet or year pin.

As we are starting our 12th year, I am so happy that we share this connection with the girls and families in our troop as well as Girl Scouts from the past and the future.

Kelly Stover Troop 2900

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