The Leadership Center from a Girl’s Perspective: Guest Blog from Layla Beattie

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is unique in nature in that it is girl-led. Everything we do as an organization is specifically designed to give girls the opportunities to step up and take the lead. Our G.I.R.L. Media Team is in its first term, and the members are eager to have their voices heard on why Girl Scouts is important for girls. The following article was written by a member of the team, Layla Beattie, a Girl Scout from right here in our council:

Layla and Kim

Layla and President and CEO Kim Hutzell at the Leadership Center Press Conference 

On October tenth I went to a press conference to see and hear about the new Cathy Novinger Leadership Center in Columbia, South Carolina. It will be opening in the summer of 2019. They are building the Leadership Center as a place for girls to grow, learn, and become amazing women.

It is for girls like myself to learn to have confidence and courage to be anything they could ever dream of. During my time there I met, for the third time in my life, the president and CEO of our council,Kim Hutzell. We talked and she introduced me to some other Girl Scouts, one of which gave the opening speech and presented the friendship knot tying ceremony. I took several pictures with these girls and I hope that I can be in their position in my future.

During the conference they had the three Honorary Chairs, Charlotte Berry, Susu Johnson, and Minor Shaw, along with Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. They talked about how much the Leadership Center would improve girls’ knowledge and how much of an impact it will have on the lives of anyone who goes to this amazing place. They discussed how much they have fundraised and how much more they still need to reach their goal. I think that Girl Scouts is an amazing opportunity for so many girls and I can already tell you that I will be talking to my troop, and my Girl Scout friends, about going to this Leadership Center. I know it will make a huge impact on their lives and mine.

Layla 1

Written by Layla Beattie


Want to learn more about the Leadership Center? Visit our website and find out how YOU can get involved!


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