Strong Female Leadership Supporting the Leadership Center: About LCK Project Management

When our council purchased the building formerly known as the Department of Agriculture in Columbia’s Vista, we knew that effective project management would be key to making our vision a reality. The Leadership Center is a big project. Not only is the building itself 32,000 square feet, but the entire building would have to be completely transformed, inside and out, to fit the needs of our girls for years to come. That’s why we chose LCK as our project management group.

IMG_3414 (2).JPG

Pictured left to right: Mickey Layden, Lou Kennedy, Mary Winter Teaster at a Women of Distinction event

Not only does LCK have an outstanding history of effectively managing large-scale projects, but as a woman-owned business, they also believe in the power of strong female leadership. Mickey Layden is the President and majority owner of LCK and firm believer in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Since the very founding of the company in 1994, Mickey has been instrumental to the development and growth of LCK, and the organization has steadily grown under her leadership. Mickey’s background in commercial construction, facilities management and real estate development is extensive, and serves as the foundation for the professional design and construction staff that she has assembled to create a comprehensive project management service offering for LCK’s clients.


Mickey has also been very outspoken about her support of Girl Scouts. From attending events and mentoring, to advocating for female leadership, Mickey is the perfect example of why the Cathy Novinger Girl Scout Leadership Center is so needed for our girls. For every girl, from any circumstance, the Leadership Center will give her a place to take risks in a safe, all-girl environment, and build her leadership skills through hands-on activities and learning. This center will be an incubator for leadership here in South Carolina, and will prepare girls to empower themselves for generations to come.
lck and clc

We are thrilled to have been able to, and to continue to work with Mickey Layden and Joe Roddey of LCK to bring this incredible project to completion.  Watch our social media for more progress updates on the Leadership Center, and how you can get involved.

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