Meet Camp WaBak

What do you remember about your own childhood? Kayaking on a lake for the first time with your best friends? Maybe it was gathering the courage to climb up in the saddle and take a ride on that tall horse? What about hiking out to a waterfall in the mountains and feeling wonderstruck by nature? Maybe those aren’t your memories, but they could be your daughter’s.

maritza1Today, I would like to introduce you to our residential camp property, Camp WaBak. This camp is located in Marietta, South Carolina and is set in the lush green country side, with its’ own mountains, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. Driving down the small road that leads into the camp, you’ll pass the Administration Office, where you’ll check your daughter in and pick her up. That’s where our trained camp staff will greet you, and make sure your daughter is set for the best week of her life. Follow that small, camp-only road and you’ll see the stables to your left. In that large barn is where your girl will learn to care for the horses, and out in the riding ring is where she’ll have the opportunity to saddle up and ride.

IMG_4182 (3)As we keep driving (slowly of course because there are future leaders at play!) down this small path, we will pass the Arts and Crafts Hut where girls will create and explore. And just a little further past that, we will see the hub of camp- the Dining Hall. This is where girls gather to sit together as they eat a hot, fresh meal and talk about the incredible day they’ve just had.

Just a little ways past the Dining Hall, we have the large, in-ground pool where girls will cool off together on those hot summer days. Our camp counselors, who stay with the girls throughout the week are also trained life guards. They instruct the girls on safety, and are posted on-duty while girls are in the water.

tatiana-outreachAs we wind around the big corner that leads closer to the cabins, you’ll see a large lake with kayaks and canoes floating out on it’s glassy surface. This is where girls are taught how to use these water crafts, and take the lead as they go out on the lake with their friends (in life jackets of course!).



And as we continue around that big corner, we’ll be led to the lodging areas. This is where your girl will bond with her new camp friends, tell stories of the day, and rest up for another adventure.

Camp WaBakWhile we are certainly proud of all the amenities Camp WaBak has to offer, we know that the natural glory of the camp is one of its’ best features. With hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views, and river walks that bring girls to a waterfall, Camp WaBak’s natural splendor is unrivaled in the Upstate area.

Our new Camp Director, Michelle Pugh, is excited to greet each and every girl this summer! As a lifetime Girl Scout, and Gold Award Girl Scout, Michelle is passionate about connecting girls with powerful leadership experiences and the outdoors!

“This summer I’m looking forward to learning the traditions that make WaBak it’s own special place, while joining in universal camp traditions and celebrations that are comfortable and close-at-heart to anyone with a camping background.” – Michelle Pugh, Director of Camp WaBak

We hope you will join us at our ACA accredited Camp WaBak this summer! It’s not too late to register, and our camps are open to Girl Scouts AND non- Girl Scouts! See you there!

Click here for our full Camp Book.

written by michelle

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