My Week at the State House: A Guest Post by Elizabeth Stevenson


Girl Scout at State House

Elizabeth on the Senate Floor during Page Week

Hello fellow Girl Scouts! My name is Elizabeth Stevenson and I was a participant at this year’s Girl Scout Honorary Legislative Page Program. During my time at the South Carolina State House, I learned and experienced so many new things. From making copies for a senator, to meeting Governor McMaster, to going out for a late night ice cream treat, this past week will be an experience I will never forget.

In my government class at school, I learned about the legislative and the election processes. Being a Page allowed me to apply what I learned at school in a real world setting. I was able to see bills being passed in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate about issues that affect all South Carolinians. Before coming to Columbia to work as a Page, I did some research about my representative and senator. Once I finally arrived at the State House, I was amazed that my state legislatures, along with the other representatives and senators, actually care about my community. Additionally, I was able to meet and interact with the representative from York County. Some of the errands I had to run included handing out papers from lobbyists, passing along messages from legislative aides, and picking up coffee and a bag of chips so representatives could work through lunch.

Elizabeth S 1

Elizabeth with her Representatives

As a senior in high school, I know that the foundation for a fun time is great people. The girls that were first strangers to me, left being really good friends; I met wonderful girls from all across the state. At the end of our work day, we would talk, attend a painting class, go shopping, and watch movies. These supportive and lively girls made this adventure a top highlight in my high school career.


I encourage any high schooler to apply for this program in the future. The South Carolina Girl Scout Page Program allows girls to have real-world experience in government, network, and learn while having a good time with lifelong friends.

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