Being a Go-Getter: A Guest Post Written by Sierra Hollinsed from Troop 1605


We’ve been talking a lot lately about being a Go-Getter- someone who is bold, motivated, persistent, and determined. Why? Because without the Go-Getters, where would we be? The phrase, “Go-Getter”, immediately makes me think of inspiring women like Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightengale, and Juliette Gorden Low who blazed the path before them and were never afraid to take the lead. Bold leaders do so much more than unite a group towards a purpose- they lay the foundation for new generations to build upon.

I would like you to meet a very young Go-Getter. Her name is Sierra Hollinsed and she is part of Troop 1605. When U.S. karate champion, Sabrina Martinez spoke at Sierra’s troop meeting she found herself inspired. No one told or asked her to write about what she had heard, but using her own initiative, Sierra wrote an article telling Martinez’s story.


Just telling you about Sierra’s everyday leadership does her an injustice. Read Sierra’s article below and see exactly what the Girl Scout Leadership Experience is doing for our girls.

Who Inspires Me: The Sabrina Martinez Story

Written by Sierra Hollinsed

“Sabrina Martinez is a young lady who has exceeded all expectations when it comes to wado-ryu, the type of karate she competes in. Her career has been successful and she is currently on the U.S. karate team, a team that looks forward to the 2020 Olympics. Martinez is an athlete worthy of recognition and will most definitely succeed in karate.

Martinez started karate in middle school when her little brother partnered with her in karate buddy week. She is trained in wado ryu by sensei Hood. When Martinez got her green belt she participated in a South Carolina open, but lost to someone in her dojo. This however, was against the rules and wasn’t counted. Later on, Martinez made it to the finals and was tied. She was punched in the throat by her opponent and ended up winning the competition. In 2015, Martinez competed in the nationals in Fort Lauderdale and finished 3rd out of 20 competitors. Her first match was against a girl who had trained forever, but Martinez won. She won her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (semi final) matches that included a cocky girl, a girl whose mom told her everything to do, and a girl whose mother attacked Martinez (with words) after she won. In the finals, Martinez was up against a girl who won gold in the last year. Martinez stated that the girl said “good luck” to her before the match began. The girl was obviously confident that she would win… but she lost: 9-1. Because Martinez won, she had to start raising money for a competition in Bolivia. While in Bolivia, Martinez’s team did not have to fight the first day. The first match that Martinez fought in was “against a girl from Canada who was probably 6 feet tall, but fouled herself out in about 10 seconds” says Martinez. Her second match was against a girl from Brazil who had a lack of stamina and of course, Martinez won. Martinez’s last match (4th) was against Venezuela and no points were scored on her thanks to her dads’ supportive cheers.

“You need to be focused… it’s learned”. Martinez says,” in order to be a good teammate you need to reflect on yourself.” (This helps your sportsmanship increase) Martinez’s story is about perseverance and how you can achieve great things with it. Since Martinez was confident as well as a good teammate, she was able to achieve wonderful things. In turn, you can see what good sportsmanship and effort can do for you!”sierra-h-written-by

It’s clear to see how Sierra is a Go-Getter. She found herself inspired, she took the initiative, and she pursued her goals. How are you a Go-Getter Innovator, Risk-Taker, or Leader? We want to hear about your everyday leadership! Email me at to share your story. You could be featured on our blog too!



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