7 Travel Tips and Tricks for your Girl Scout Adventures

Girl Scouts inertly crave adventure. We love to learn new things, experience different cultures, explore nature, and travel the world. Just as you plan meetings or create a strategy to earn a badge, the key to having the best travel experience is a little planning. Check out these simple travel tips and tricks that will make your planning easier, and your trip unforgettable. Whether you are going camping, road-tripping it across country, or taking on the world abroad, these friendly tips will help you get the most out of your travels!


1.Over the Seat Car Organizer travel-tips-5-shoe-organizer-fun-hanging

From snacks and drinks, to wet wipes and crayons, keep your travel essentials easy to access and organized in your car. A simple over the door shoe hanger on the passenger or driver side seat will create an in-car organizer for your trip. No more mess!

2. Tennis Shoe Packing Hack travel-tips-4-breakables-in-shoes

Sometimes you have to fit the luggage of an entire troop in a van or SUV- along with the troop. This can be a huge challenge. Sometimes you have to fit a week’s worth of essentials into one small suit case and a carry-on. Protect your valuables from damage, and make the most of the space by placing smaller items inside of your shoes!

3. Never Dig for Toiletries Again!


Don’t you hate it when you are camping or in the hotel and you have to dig for your toiletries? The lighting is often less than ideal and you are gathering all your supplies for the shower. Never again. Fill travel size containers with your favorite products, and hook to a lanyard. Once you have everything on your lanyard, just hook it over the shower head. No stepping over bottles along the side of the tub, and it’s ready to go whenever it’s time for you to move on.

4. Food on the Go


Having a burger or taco in the car on the way to camp, vacation, or just around town can be disastrous to our cars. The kids are trying to balance everything on their laps, and by the time you glance behind you there is a burger laying across your floorboard. Not any more. Pickup some inexpensive hand baskets at your local bargain store for the perfect “food caddy”. Kids will be less likely to spill and drop, and you might go a little longer between cleaning!

5. Earrings and Buttons Trick


Keeping up with earrings and their tiny backs during the bustle of travel can be difficult. Never lose your backs or favorite earrings again! Grab a handful of buttons and secure your earrings through the holes!

6. Coin Collector


So you’ve hit a toll road or are just craving a Coke at a vending machine, but you have to dig around the bottom of your purse only to find out you don’t have enough quarters. Keep your change organized and easy to access by storing them in an m&m tube or something similar.

7. Easy Clean Cup Holders


After a long trip, our cars and houses are usually in need of cleaning. Don’t be stuck cleaning the crevices of your cup holders. Simply place a cupcake liner in each cup holder. Once you return from your travels (or even just around town) you can pop the liner out and there is no mess!

Pack your bags, make the reservations, and get ready for adventure! We hope these simple travel tips and tricks make your travel a little easier. Are you interested in traveling with Girl Scouts? Use your Cookie Money to go on amazing trips, go camping with your troop, or go on unforgettable Destinations! Start your adventure today and become a Girl Scout.


Do you have a story or an idea for our blog? I would love to hear from you! Email me at mtaylor@gssc-mm.org to be featured on our blog!

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