Chasing Big Dreams: Local Girl Scout Makes Junior Olympics

Somewhere along the course of history, doing something “like a girl” became a bad thing. This phrase has been used as an insult to embarrass school children and even adults for generations. We aren’t really sure why. Hermoine Rickenbacker “runs like a girl” and she just qualified for her second Junior Olympics. In truth, running like a girl is pretty awesome.  

Hermoine cookies

Hermoine manning the cookie booth

Hermoine Rickenbacker has big dreams. She envisions herself standing tall on the Olympic platform with a gold medal around her neck and pride in her heart. Hermoine is only 7 years old. With stature beyond her years, she is confident her dreams will come true because she is a G.I.R.L. Scout; a Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader. Being part of a girl-led, leadership-focused organization has taught her that when you have big dreams, passion alone isn’t enough. You have to be dedicated, disciplined, and relentless in the pursuit of your goal.

Before Girl Scouts and running track, Hermoine struggled in school. Not because she couldn’t grasp the material, but because her restless energy kept her attention sporadic and unfocused. We all know at least one child that seems to have endless energy. Hermoine Rickenbacker is one of those kids. She runs everywhere she goes. She gets excited about everything. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for her to get all of that energy out. 

In an attempt to help Hermoine release some of her energy, Hermoine’s mother signed her up for track. Hermoine began running for Quick Striders Track Club around the same time she started Girl Scouts, and the two worked hand-in-hand. According to Sekedra, Hermoine’s mother, she watched Hermoine transform from unfocused potential to dedicated skill. The girl who once struggled to keep passing grades now presents her report card with excitement and pride. Sekedra is so proud of the girl Hermoine has become.

Hermoine Rickenbacker

Hermoine after a track meet


Hermoine’s dedication to her track team pushed her to train as hard as she could. Hermoine may have been only 6 at the time, and new to track, but by the end of her first season she qualified for the Junior Olympic National Championship.

Once again, Hermoine has qualified for the Junior Olympics in sunny California July 25-31. Not by chance or luck, but through chasing her dreams with the dedication of a G.I.R.L. Scout.  

What dreams have you written off as impossible? Maybe someone has said you are too young, or too old to achieve your goals. Just because something is unlikely, doesn’t make it impossible. Just ask Hermoine Rickenbacker. Her first year in track she made the Junior Olympics. When you combine passion, with dedication anything can happen. You just have to think like a Girl Scout.

Being part of a worldwide sisterhood of courage, confidence, and leadership gives girls the opportunities and tools to pave their own paths. Join today and become a part of something that can change your life. Be a G.I.R.L. Scout. Blog_WrittenBy_Michelle

One thought on “Chasing Big Dreams: Local Girl Scout Makes Junior Olympics

  1. Proud of my lil cousin. Keep chasing your dreams and remember to always keep God first. Everything else will always fall in place.


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